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Products which can be madeRasgullas, Rasberrys, Sponge Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Long Gulab Jamun, Cham-Cham, Rasmalai, Pedha and other such products.

Description The Automatic Rasgulla Balls Making Machine, as the name suggests can be used to make Rasgulla Balls automatically from the dough “Chenna”. With a separate attachment round balls can be shaped into shape of elongated Gulab Jamun & Cham-Cham. The product made from the machine is hygienic and quality is better than handmade. The machine performs cutting and dividing of the dough into uniform portions according to the weight set, then rounding of the dough to make round balls.

Technical Details
Model TEC-RS-120
Balls Weight 3 gm to 15 gm
Output Up to 100 to 120 balls/min

Special Features
  • Machine Operations PLC Controlled
  • Digital HMI
  • Machine Frame in Aluminium Alloy Sections
  • Contact Parts SS 304
  • Machine can be automatically adjusted for different sizes
  • No change parts required for different sizes
  • No Air Compressor Required
  • Over Load Protection
  • Password Protection in HMI
  • Low Maintenance Machine
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Belts used for Conveyor and Rounder are food grade and imported PU material

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